Hello. Welcome to my new creative outlet for photography and writing. I'm still working on getting things in order, but keep checking back for progress updates and to find out what's happening on my block.  For new visitors, I'm Zach, a photographer and designer living in Oklahoma City. I'm a former print journalist who made the move to public relations a few years back. My favorite food is raw fish (a close tie with pho), my color palette for clothes tends to be brown and blue, I often wear Birkenstocks with dress pants; the only station I have programmed on my car radio is NPR and, thanks to my parents, my initials spell zen.

Pictures from AMAOKC's Freezin' Season Jingle Mingle can me viewed and downloaded from my Flickr account using the below link:

View and download photos here.

Instructions for downloading photos on Flickr:

View photo > click "action" tab above image > click "view all sizes" > drag image to desktop

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